Apple of God's eye

Quite alright, the bible reffered to US (believers) as the "apple of God's eye. Do you ever wonder how precious the apples of your eyes are to you? how protective of them you get when you suddenly sense a quick flash of anything coming towards them (you won't need your hands to shut your eyelid). Then why do WE (believers) the Apple of the Almighty God's eye go through so much pain, failure, setbacks.......? From my perspective i think impregnating a woman only doesn't make you the father of the child, standing up to responsibilities is what truly makes you the father. If we bodly profess that we are the Apple of His eye....
*Do we see what He wants us to see?
*Are we active when He wants us to be?
*Do we act as the light to His body or darkness?
*Do we joyfully do His biddings when He commands it?
Untill we take full responsibility we would not enjoy the benefits we ought to enjoy as the Apple of His eye. The great adversary would keep mocking us and…

Rejoice always

I Thes 5:16. Rejoice always
The Psalmist boldly declared “this is the day the Lord has made, I will rejoice and be glad in it” (Psalm 118:24).
My bible didn’t really place any restriction or condition for rejoicing, as long as it’s the day that the lord has made, we’ve got to rejoice.*Even if you are waking up from bed with #0.00k both in bank and cash. Rejoice!
*No hope of getting your daily bread yet. Rejoice! (God has you covered).

Stay Connected

You can't disconnect from your root as a christain and still bear fruit nor disconnect from your source and still produce proofs. #Stayconnected

God is speaking.

God can decide to speak through anyone to you. He can use that little boy in your neighbourhood or that sister who got saved (salvation) recently, if He decides to use an animal that wouldn't be the first time ( Balaam and the donkey). All you need to do is pay attention and be sure (with the help of the Holyspirit) He's the one speaking either through a vessel or directly to you. #God_is_always_speaking.

The "Power of thought".

The raw material you need in creating your future is your THOUGHT, you will become literally what you are think. This is a law that cannot be broken, whether for good or bad, the best control you have over your future is the control that you have over your thoughts in the present. I urge you to #DreamBig and #ThinkBig.
Happy new month!!!